It's About Christ - Debut Album


HeartStrings Gospel Band is an emerging cross genre gospel group, blending sounds from genres ranging from bluegrass, southern gospel, contemporary Christian, and Irish pop, they are a fresh sound spreading one of the oldest stories in existence – the story of Jesus Christ! Their deepest desire is to touch hearts, spread the gospel to the lost, and glorify their creator through music that proclaims one of life’s greatest truths: It’s About Christ! 

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Drummer search 

We are very saddened to announce that our drummer Brandon Howdershelt will be leaving the band in June. We hate to see him leave. His extreme talent has helped to shape our music over the past two years. However, God has opened up great opportunities for him after he graduates college this spring. With his departure, we are actively looking for a replacement. If you or someone you know would be interested in applying for this position, call, email, or PM us and we will set up an interview. 
(681) 404 - 2323

Auditions for a fifth band member 

ATTENTION: HeartStrings Gospel Band is interested in expanding their band. We are looking for a female guitarist and harmony vocalist to permanently join our team. This guitarist should be familiar with a diverse range of genres of music including but not limited to Southern gospel, Irish, contemporary Christian, bluegrass, and pop. While talent and versatility in music is highly important, common goals and an evangelistic mindset are also a staple. You will be asked to provide a statement of faith. We consider primarily ages 18 – 25. (While we will consider musicians under 18, a parent or guardian will be asked to sign any contracts and paperwork in addition to the minor.) We ask all interested female guitarist to prayerfully consider this! We would love to add another member to our team! In expanding our team through a new guitarist, we also hope to expand our horizons regionally and musically. If interested please call 681 – 404 – 2323, email, or PM HeartStrings Gospel Band for information about auditioning! We look forward to your call or message. 
HeartStrings Gospel Band 
(Patrick, Janessa, Brandon, & Kaleb)

Two New Releases  

We are excited to announce the names of our two new singles we are going to release later this year. We have been working closely with Justin Riffle from Tweetello Sound in Lost Creek, WV. The band went into the studio Saturday April 30th and cut the instrument tracks and some of the lead vocal tracks. We will be returning to the studio multiple times in the next two week to cut the remaining vocal and harmony tracks. Once we review the mastered product, we plan to release these singles on the website. We will be releasing Expecting a Miracle and Daniel’s God. (Check out our YouTube channel to listen to live recordings of these songs.) We also plan to release these songs to radio and other musical distributors. Please keep us in prayer as we finish up these songs and move forward with the rest of the album. Only by the grace of our Savior will we be able to finish the album.

Who the cross represents  

Often, as Christians, we find ourselves needing to remember our identity in, reevaluate our position for, and renew our intimacy with our Savior. There can be many ways to do this. I find that individuals have very different approaches to analyzing their faith. Although the approach may change, the object of our contemplation remains constant. The word object, though useful for providing a variable in which to direct our attention, is dull and vague when compared to the intimate, personable, and tangible identity the variable represents.  Indeed, that variable represents our Savior, our Redeemer, and the Holy Son of our Heavenly Father. When one takes the time to reevaluate his salvation, he will very quickly arrive at the foot of the cross. This leads us to the question we propose to you today, “What does the cross represent to you.” 
Recently, we added two new songs to our repertoire. The first is our new original “Who the cross represents,” and the second is a combination of “My Redeemer lives” and “Because He lives.” These songs have driven us to an analysis of the cross and its representation of our Redeemer.  The cross symbolizes death, suffering, and pain. To each one of us, the cross can have a tangible or an intangible meaning. Whether along the road or in a cemetery, the cross represents the intangible divide between the temporal and the eternal. This divide separates us from a loved one, from our Savior, or even from the perfection we wish to achieve.  The representations of the cross hold a place deep inside everyone’s soul. 
Though these temporal wooden crosses are unable to bridge the divide into eternity, remember many years ago our redeemer lived to bridge the divide with outstretched arms.  Even to our Savior, the cross represented death and suffering. However, for Him, the cross was an avenue to conquer death and bring us victory.  Because He lives, we can see the one again who the cross represents. In our temporal life, it is important to reexamine what the cross represents to us. Take time to study the cross and pray at the cross. Most of all take time to rejoice that your Savior lives. He lives to take away your sin. Remember, through the salvation of His cross, God will wipe away all your tears – and all your fears. 
*excerpts taken for all of the songs listed above. We claim no rights to phrases taken from “Because He Lives” or “My redeemer Lives”

College and more 

What a joy it is to serve a risen Savior! Psalms 103:1 states, "Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name." His loving grace never fails to guide and protect us. We thank the LORD for His many blessings. He continues to guide us through the slower months of winter in preparation for the upcoming spring revival season.  HeartStrings Gospel Band plans to head into Tweetello Sound studio on February 18th. Please pray that LORD blesses us with funds to complete our debut album. We hope to have it completed by mid-October. Furthermore, The Lore Family has sold us their old trailer. The LORD has blessed them with a new one and blessed us with one that will be a great asset to our ministry. 

Three quarters of the group has, once again, embarked upon another semester of college. Please remember us in prayer as we travel to all the engagements the LORD may call us to. Pray that He keeps our vehicles in good working condition and grants us safe traveling mercies. 

Finally, pastors and church leaders, please consider HeartStrings Gospel Band for your upcoming spring revivals and church services. We believe our Savior has called us to merge the traditional sound loved by the generations before us and the contemporary sound that draws the younger faces of the church. We love to combine traditional southern gospel pieces with beloved contemporary anthems. We just added a wonderful piece to our collection that combines the contemporary song "My redeemer lives" and Bill Gaither's classic "Because He lives." In our music, you may hear songs like "Thank you LORD for you blessings on me," our rendition of "How Great Thou Art,"  and original songs that speak of biblical stories, our heavenly home, and the biblical confrontations of sickness, death, and sorrow. In Conclusion, brothers and sisters, keep up the good fight. Our reward is not of this earth; our reward is found in the stores of our Father's heavenly kingdom. Remember, we are just wayfaring strangers traveling through this world below.

Intro post 

We thank the LORD for all His many blessings. HeartStrings formed in July of 2015. In that short time the LORD has opened doors in ways we could never have imagined. In this short time we have performed at 15 services and traveled countless miles. Patrick, Janessa, and Brandon have also continued their college careers. Kaleb has continued to actively pursue his impressive music career. The LORD has granted us traveling mercies and strength to accomplish all these tasks while maintaining our travels with the band.

Now for a little history about the formation of the band:

Recently, Patrick and Janessa believed that the LORD was directing them to start a music ministry. For years they sang in the local churches of the Union Mission Conference. Patrick would play the piano and Janessa would sing. They remember, as nervous little kids getting up in front of their home church and performing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. They continued to perform hymns while merging the traditional style with the unique sound they began to develop. Towards the end of their duo years, the LORD began to anoint Janessa to write songs that merged a contemporary sound with traditional wording and deep Biblical truths.  As she wrote more songs, the quickly realized that these songs needed a band behind them. Therefore, after some prayer and financial consideration, the LORD quickly opened doors and led them to hire musicians to play drums and acoustic bass. These instruments added a firm foundation to the style they had already developed.